Last Wednesday, Sandeep Singh, a 29 year old married father of two, was nearly killed outside of his office on 99th Street in Queens, New York. Sandeep is now in critical condition at the hospital after being struck by a truck and dragged roughly 30 feet by a pickup truck. His body finally came loose from the truck, which kept on going, and his companion rushed to get help, according to witnesses who spoke with WABC-TV last week.

Baldey Singh was with Sandeep when he was hit by the truck, and says that the two men were wrapping up their evening after going out to dinner, and were saying their goodbyes before going home. As they were standing in the street, the driver of a white pickup pulled up, he told WABC-TV, and they proceeded to cross the street. What happened next was shocking:

“Baldey says the driver then yelled a racial slur at him and his friends. Sandeep was annoyed, and with his hand, hit the truck. The driver pulled forward, stopped, and then got out of the vehicle, holding something in his hand. Baldey says that at that point, they were concerned, afraid, and felt threatened.

More heated words were exchanged, and the driver got back in his truck. However, Sandeep didn’t want to let it go, wanted the man to stop, and wanted to call police. The 29-year-old then stepped in front of the pickup truck. The driver hit the gas, and ran right over Sandeep.”

Sandeep was dragged at least 30 feet after being struck until body flew loose. The perpetrator is still at large, and the Times of India reports that the human rights group Sikh Coalition has called for a hate crime investigation into the incident.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, United States Attorneys have investigated over 800 bias incidents against Sikh, Arab, Muslim, and South Asian Americans since 9/11/2001. Sikh Americans are often mistaken for Muslims because of ignorance, and recent surveys have suggested a huge uptick in Islamophobia since 9/11.