Officer Randy Jokela, the Seattle officer who wrote 80 percent of all marijuana citations since legalization, not only targeted African Americans but also the homeless. City Attorney Pete Holmes told Seattle PI that all 66 people who received Jokela’s citations should contest them in court.

On some of the tickets, Jokela hand-wrote the words “Attention ‘Petey’ Holmes,” an apparent reference to Holmes’ vocal support for voter-approved Initiative 502.

“Apparently, in order to poke at me, (Jokela) had to necessarily write up homeless people,” Holmes told KOMO Newsradio. He said using citations as a soapbox “is just completely improper.”

You can read the rest here. Seattle police are investigating Jokela, who doesn’t seem quite up to the task of community policework. It’s also very unusual for someone in Holmes’s position to invite challenges like this, but I suppose it’s what we should expect from a featured speaker at Hempfest.