Each installment of the on-screen version of Ayn Rand’s libertarian fantasy novel Atlas Shrugged has been worse than the last, with none of the roles being played by the same actor twice, and now we get a taste of just how bad the final part of the trilogy will be.

I was especially interested to see that Ron Paul’s cameo is apparently just repurposed interview footage stuffed into the context of the script, which should make the material feel as fresh and lively as a 2×4.

Since Rand wrote her novel before the Interstate highway system replaced railroads as the main form of American transportation, some anachronism was to be expected. But the visuals for this film are confusingly retro, given that it’s supposed to take place in the near-future; Paul appears on a TV set that looks like it just fell out of a wormhole to 1970.

We also get a preview of John Galt’s speech, which will be drastically shortened to make way for all the suck that promises to fill the screen.

  • hartwilliams

    If the invisible hand of the market bitch-slapped you and you refused to listen, would it make a sound? The first two installments did epic awfulness at the box office, but these worshippers of ‘capitalism’ refuse to allow capitalism to interfere with their little circle jerk.

  • Leaving aside the juvenile plot . . . oh my god, this is worse than a 9th grade drama class!!! The Galt actor is a hoot – his speaking voice should keep him off even daytime TV! What a hoot.

  • Galt Brain Suck

    The loss of our civil liberties?? OMG, this is hilarious brain suck food.


    The world Rand described in her turgid novels does not, and never did, exist. The solutions she advocates for the non-existent problems of her non-existent world, have never been demonstrated to work anywhere. The far right finds her so attractive because her childish philosophy finds justification for stripping government of every trace of humanity, thus rendering us all noble and pure. She has produced a pseudo-intellectual defense for selfishness, greed, and environmental destruction.

    • cynthia curran

      Well, in a way I understand Rand radical philosophy she and her family lost a lot during Lenin, so she went in the opposite direction. Not that I’m defending her but I think she best novel was We The Living a lot shorter than Altas Shurgged and kind of like Stalinist Russia but the hard right doesn’t understand this is not the early 20th or late 19th society is a lot more complex. In fact, Rand wanted a secular right which didn’t take off in the libertarian movement. The Ron Pauls instead of the Gary Johnson’s won out. She was for legal abortion and was not for right to work since she thought unions and corporations should be able to have their own contract without government interference. Her philosophy against the welfare state doesn’t work in a modern society but some of her thinking is different than the right today on the social issues and so forth.

  • Zero

    Smile- that’s at least three hours out of every Libertarian Teabagger’s life they won’t be getting back.