In a case that is best categorized as dumb criminals do dumb things, former Marine Christopher Lee, 24,  was arrested in Alaska on Sunday and charged in the disappearance and murder of Erin Corwin, 19, the wife of a fellow marine at the TwentyNine Palms base.

The former Marine arrested on suspicion of killing the wife of a fellow Marine and throwing her body down an abandoned mine shaft had searched the Internet about the best way to dispose of a body, according to an arrest warrant released Tuesday.

This has to be the ultimate of stupidity. It seems however that stupid people continue to do stupid things. The question really should be: when one is contemplating criminal activity, especially murder, does one need Google to find out how to get away with it? I can half imagine the idiot searching on or some Yahoo answers site asking people questions on how to hide bodies and where the best place is to hide them and actually getting a response. Yes, go to an abandoned mine shaft, place body in bag or just open where everyone can see it, your choice, lower body to the bottom of the shaft, wash rinse and repeat as often as you like. Yes friends and neighbors, when contemplating your next murder spree or crime wave, depend on getting some answers from Google on how best to achieve your goals of getting away scot free. NOT.. More to the point, ask Google for answers like that and you will find as Christopher Lee found, a one way ticket to jail, not passing go and not collecting two hundred dollars.