It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to the hazelnut shortage, our Threatcon Color Code is NUTELLA BROWN

  • Despite opposition from anti-choice activists who think that plain language should lose all meaning, the Alabama Women’s Wellness Center will reopen for business at a new location in Huntsville after the city zoning commission agreed this week that medical facilities providing abortion are in fact considered ‘medical facilities’ under current regulations
  • When the Tennessee Valley Authority cleaned up the coal ash spill at Kingston, Tennessee, they treated it like toxic waste — until they got to Alabama, where they dumped it on the black community of Perry County as “household waste
  • Professional token black conservative Ben Carson says that liberalism is why so many black families are fatherless, but the charts say it’s because black dads are all in prison
  • People who graduate from for-profit colleges have no advantage in job interviews over those who never went beyond high school
  • Gay people can start getting married in Virginia today
  • After just a half-hour of deliberation, a Talladega, Alabama jury convicted 24-year old ‘sovereign citizen’ Christopher Isaac Surles of murder this week. Rather than present a defense, Surles had tried rejecting the court’s authority to try him
  • ‘Sovereign citizen’ James Timothy Turner lost an appeal of his fraud conviction from last year. Turner was a leader of the “Republic of the united (sic) States of America,” one of the best-known sovereign citizen groups
  • Maine Governor Paul LePage’s spokesman tried to push back against journalist Mike Tipping this week, but not by refuting his book that portrays the governor as a friend of ‘sovereign citizen’ group the Aroostook Watchmen. Instead, Brent Littlefield went on a local TV show and kept reminding everyone that Tipping is a liberal
  • Your US RDA of outrage porn: Eric Bolling of Fox News wins a race-baiting championship!