We’ve seen some silly notions about this president circulate in social media and cable news, but the latest attack meme — that Obama is taking too much vacation time — is nothing less than an assault on math.

President George W. Bush took 879 days of vacation time during the eight years he was in office — an astounding 30% of his presidency. According to the Washington Post, as of August 15th Barack Obama had taken 150 days of vacation in the five years and seven months he has been president, or roughly 7% of his presidency.

Using second grade addition and subtraction skills, anyone can determine for themselves that Obama is at least 719 days behind George W. Bush in his bid to become the most vacationing president ever. And he’d better hurry up if that’s really his goal, because he only has 880 days left in office.

Seriously, we’ve seen Republicans read jokes off their teleprompters about Obama using a teleprompter, but we’ve never seen at attack meme this dumb before. The notion that journalist James Foley’s killer will be identified more easily, or that airstrikes on ISIL will be more effective, just because Obama isn’t playing golf? That’s just stupid.

The Bush administration was characterized by a malign neglect of disasters that it created, and the so-called Islamic State is just one more unintentional byproduct of that idiotic decision to invade a country that had never attacked the United States to remove a regime that, despite its evils, was at least a bulwark against exactly this kind of Islamic terrorism.

Whatever his faults, President Obama isn’t the one making simplistic jingo statements into a camera and then asking us to watch him hit a golf ball while his administration bungles the invasion and occupation of a Middle Eastern country.

  • JeffreyJ

    bush got away with so much during his presidency and now people are so critical of obama, proof is in the pudding he took nowhere near as much vacay!

    • Ratcraft

      Who is critical of Obama? What Fox news? One out of how many news channels? Stop watching fox and Obama is a god like figure. I don’t understand why so many leftists watch fox, just looking to be mad?

      • Burzghash

        For the comedy factor.

        • Ratcraft

          Comedy is for laughter. MSNBC devotes 90% of it’s time talking about fox and they are mad and yelling the whole time. Look at maddows neck.

          • Burzghash

            I don’t watch MSNBC either. Though from what little of it I have watched, it doesn’t provide nearly the comedic entertainment value that Faux News does.

          • Ratcraft

            msnbc is like a sportscenter for fox. I know you libtardians like to call it faux, but it’s fox because of the women on there…. derp, not a bunch of occupy lezbohemians.

          • Burzghash

            No, it’s Faux News because real news is driven by reality. Faux News is driven by regurgitating whatever it is their barely literate audience wants to hear, back into their open, baby bird-like mouths.

            It’s quite alright, telling people what they want to hear is an extremely profitable business. Just don’t pretend you’re a “news” organization when you’re clearly in the ‘entertaining the most poorly educated or informed segment of society’ business.

            Edit – lol, ‘lezbohemians’. Thanks for that. Not only for the comedy, but for continuing to demonstrate why it is that yours is a dying mentality in this country.

          • Ratcraft

            I knew it, how many TV s have you smashed watching it? it’s what yall do. You live for it. Watch fox get mad beat the wife and cuss out Palin,

          • lol, ‘lezbohemians’ — I keep thinking this guy isn’t for real

            but he is

            that’s 100% unadulterated Tea Party tea he’s drinking there 🙂

      • ibwilliamsi

        And you would know this how? Because seriously, I don’t see any news program anywhere treating PRESIDENT Obama like a President, let alone like a Godlike figure.

        • Ratcraft
          • Not going to give Soopermexican’s Youtube channel any play hits, sorry.

          • Brion

            Of course you won’t cause you are not old or mature enough to handle the utter fact your kind are absolutely effing wacky!!!! You lefties are what crack us up out in the real world. All we have to do is watch you guys eff up. Trust me it doesn’t take long.

          • ibwilliamsi

            And still not treating him “godlike”.

          • Ratcraft

            Blind as a bat aren’t you. Good thing you never met Manson or Koresh.

          • ibwilliamsi

            Did they pray? Did they call him “Holy One”? Did they call him “Almighty”? Did they call him “God like”? Somehow I missed that.

          • SurferTony

            Really? That’s what you use for proof of Obama being treated “godlike” by mainstream media? Wow … You really got us there.

          • Ratcraft

            I wasn’t able to get a picture of his nuts on your chin or I’d post that, fatboy.

          • SurferTony

            Wow. What a brilliant commentary. Let me guess. You graduated summa cum laude from diesel mechanic school didn’t ya?

  • Ratcraft

    What does Obama have to do with Bush?

    • I’m just going to make an educated guess here, and say that Bush was the prior President of the United States. Presidents are often compared to each other, historically speaking. Bush was often compared to Clinton. Clinton was compared to Bush Sr. Bush Sr. was measured against Reagan. Etc etc etc

      • Ratcraft

        So I should compare you to the last retard who commented to me?

        • Are you & “the last retard” going to be written up in history books, analyzed and dissected by historians across the world, and discussed in foreign policy reports 50 years from now?

  • MissJena

    All irrelevant: presidents work while on vacations to their ranches and Camp David. Many people accompany a president on vacation — including White House aides, Secret Service agents, military advisers, and experts in communications and transportation, all making sure the president receives daily intelligence and national security briefings — to ensure that, while on vacation, the president can do nearly everything he could accomplish in Washington

    • Sean

      Thats the point, the people fabricating this issue can’t get their math straight and show a clear lack of understanding regarding the nature of the presidency.

    • TheBoatDude

      Yes! For some reason, there’s a contingent of people who think that The President (any President, not just Obama) turns off his Blackberry, leaves his laptop in the office buys a one-way ticket to Bali leaving behind nothing but an out of office message that says “Hi. I’m out of the office. If there is an emergency, please contact Joe Biden at x4567. Otherwise, leave a message. I’ll return when I come back.”

      Even on vacation, The President is still The President. He’s always on. He’s always there.

  • Wicked West

    Man! Wish I could have 100+ days of vacation. I could use them now.

    • linkeditin


      • Bush’s Vacation

        Might as well call it a staycation. As in he stayed on vacation.

  • The Power of Love

    Please, let us all take a moment to be thankful that Bush did spend so much time on vacation.