Shoppers at a Greenville, South Carolina Walmart were horrified as they watched an officer repeatedly punching a suspect in the head while he was on the ground Saturday afternoon. The crowd gathered around what more closely resembled a severely one-sided UFC fight than an arrest begged the officer to stop as he landed blow after blow…

  • Wicked West

    I’m so torn when I see these stories. I mean I see stories almost daily where a police officer was killed, so I understand the hard job they have. But hell, when is enough enough!

  • Joe

    Good article until the end. I don’t understand this belief that cops only kill black people. You have no statistics to prove that white or black in same instances blacks die whites live. Just this year a white man died at the hands of cops in florida, very similar to the new york killing which was protested this last weekend. But you don’t hear about it, so your views are warped because the media only brings to attention black deaths by cops and not whites. It is all a perceived notion without facts to support such claims.

    • Bless Graphics

      Bullshit. The white dude was armed with a real gun and was in the middle of a drug raid.

      • Joe

        You have the wrong one, google the man in key west that died from injuries while being taken into custody.

  • Joe

    Ohh and one more thing, not once in your article was the beaten man labeled as “white” yet if it were a black man, before every “man” would have been “black”

    • Thoughtful

      Great point.

    • Haradanohime

      Matt only re-posted it. Please give proper critique to whom it is due.

  • sthe

    This is becoming so common, and i just don’t understand why would two man attack someone unarmed and harmless…really? Police are suppose to serve and protect community, you wonder why they’ve lost respect from society, they are worse than anything!

    • JeffreyJ

      can’t even trust those who are supposed to protect smh

  • Our entire country needs an anger management course.

  • Joe

    The problem with police now is that if you are not submissive to them and respect them they go off on you period, makes no difference of color sex age. I guess the big question is which came first the egotistical cops or the uncooperative society.

    • Haradanohime

      Even if you are being respectful, if they even think a single word, tone of voice, or action is or could be interpreted as disrespectful they will go off.

  • Willie

    I have reason to believe the government is being turned against it’s own people

  • had it!

    This is the third incident in recent months where the Greenville County Sheriffs Office has used excessive force. The previous ones resulted in death. One was the death of a special needs man in his own home a few years ago. Yes its a dangerous job but you knew that when you signed up! Deadly force seems to be their first and only option. Pathetic!!! Funny how it always turns out to be justified when investigated. These events need to be investigated by a party not affiliated to any law enforcement. Maybe put a few of them in prison-send a message and they would think twice before using deadly force.