From Save the Bucket Bear / Facebook

A video on a Facebook page shows the daring rescue of a bear, who, like a real-life Winnie the Pooh, stuck his head where it didn’t belong and got it stuck. (Where it didn’t belong, in this case, was a plastic bucket typically used by construction contractors.)  The video, shot in Pennsylvania, brings a sad saga to an end for the poor black bear, who observers say had been spotted with the bucket on its head for more than a month, according to a Facebook page called “Save the Bucket Bear”.  Concerned residents set up the page to urge wildlife officials to assist the poor bear.

The people in the video are volunteers who went on a mission to help the bear after authorities did not respond immediately to requests to investigate and help the bear, according to KTUV-TV. So the adventurous wildlife lovers took it upon themselves to help. (Do not try this at home!)

  • God bless them.

  • Jasmine35

    Those volunteers deserve some much needed recognition. I can’t believe that the authorities didn’t investigate when people raised concern over this. Black bears are already in so much danger. I just wonder how he even survived that long with that bucket on his head.

  • SelenaJ25

    That would have been scary to see. I’m so glad that there are good people left in the world that when they see an animal in trouble they will come to their rescue. I would have helped these people do the same thing. Great job.