It’s time for parents to breathe a collective sigh as all the little ones go back to school. But there are plenty of little ones who are going to school for the first time — in fact,  about 1.3 million children in America are expected to attend public prekindergarten in fall 2014; enrollment in public kindergarten is projected to reach approximately 3.7 million students, according to the Department of Education.

No wonder Youtube is filled with proud parents, scampering to get their best back-to-school videos online. Full of excitement and fails, these are the best of the best reactions to the first day of Kindergarten we could find.

For Luke, it was all about the girls — or one particular girl! (Who he may be able to get to know tomorrow!)

Sophie went to school for the first time, and here is how her day went:

This little girl had a good time at school, but she’s too mature to talk about it now. 🙂

Sissy missed her parents an awful, awful lot.

And poor little Molly’s heart nearly broke when she learned how boring homework can be.

  • Jasmine35

    This is perfect. The last two reminded me of how my daughter acted on her first few days of school. She was so upset that my husband and I had to leave her that her big sister had to drag her into the school and take her to her classroom so that we could leave. And don’t even get me started on homework, that was the worst of all!