While the nation was reacting to the video of NFL star Ray Rice knocking his fiancee unconscious in an elevator, federal district judge Mark Fuller was getting off scot-free with a plea bargain after grabbing his wife by the hair, dragging her across broken glass, kicking her, and repeatedly hitting her in the face, leaving her with visible cuts.

Fuller, who had no visible injuries when police arrived at the couple’s Atlanta hotel room, claims that his wife attacked him.

While the National Football League has been criticized for punishing Rice too lightly before the video of his altercation emerged, Fuller will not lose his job unless he is impeached by Congress. He has so far refused to resign.

Some observers question whether public revulsion at the security camera video of Rice’s actions has unfairly inflated his penalties. If video of Fuller’s assault on his spouse existed, he might indeed have received a harsher sentence last Friday than weekly domestic violence prevention classes.

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