While the nation was reacting to the video of NFL star Ray Rice knocking his fiancee unconscious in an elevator, federal district judge Mark Fuller was getting off scot-free with a plea bargain after grabbing his wife by the hair, dragging her across broken glass, kicking her, and repeatedly hitting her in the face, leaving her with visible cuts.

Fuller, who had no visible injuries when police arrived at the couple’s Atlanta hotel room, claims that his wife attacked him.

While the National Football League has been criticized for punishing Rice too lightly before the video of his altercation emerged, Fuller will not lose his job unless he is impeached by Congress. He has so far refused to resign.

Some observers question whether public revulsion at the security camera video of Rice’s actions has unfairly inflated his penalties. If video of Fuller’s assault on his spouse existed, he might indeed have received a harsher sentence last Friday than weekly domestic violence prevention classes.

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  • Ratcraft

    What ever happened to JayZ’s sister in-law for punching him?

    • Was there a criminal complaint?

      • Ratcraft

        In the Rice case? No, there wasn’t, his now wife has said leave us alone. You just want him punished because he’s black.

        • That’s a really dumb statement, especially since this article is actually about a white judge.

          • Ratcraft

            You should have more tolerance for me. Did you see the walmart white boy beating video? Oh I am sure you did. Gunna do a story on that?

          • The “walmart white boy beating video” — you’re talking about the video where the police beat the young man?I’m pretty sure we covered that or it was included in an article on police brutality at the same time as Ferguson.

            “More tolerant of you”? I am simply asking you to stay on topic and asking you pay attention to the facts. You were incorrect that there were no criminal charges against Rice. And the person this article is about is a white judge.

            What are you so confused about? I have a feeling you’re confused as to if you should call us racist against white people or black people. You also seem pretty disoriented today Mr. Ratcraft lol

          • Ratcraft

            Oh come on, a pack of “youths” beat a “white dude” as they said, kicked him in the head over and over. He was a walmart employee, just a guy pushing carts. Where’s the story, the outrage, Obama and Holder? It’s real easy to find.

          • I was talking about a different incident. Gosh, hard to believe that more than one Walmart had violence caught on tape

            I have a great idea, though: you could start a blog, and write about whatever your dear little heart desires, instead of trolling a liberal blog full of people and ideas you hate. You could have a place to share your opinions with other like minded meanies! It would be fun. And probably just as much work as your constant thoughtless angry comments that you leave us here.

          • Oh, now Hypatia….don’t be too hard on Ratcraft. After all, when you get your jollies trolling liberal blogs (or your paycheck, for that matter) — you’re already fighting a losing battle. When there’s no ideas to defend, all they can do is try and shoot down other people’s.

          • For the records I was talking about this incident — http://crooksandliars.com/2014/08/police-brutally-beat-man-sc-walmart

            However, this article you are commenting on is not about race, it’s about domestic violence, and brutality. So please stop arguing about race stuff on this article. Race literally has nothing to do with domestic violence. Domestic violence happens in every culture in every region of the world. It is perpetrated by both genders, too. So there’s really nothing to argue about unless you think that domestic violence is “good” and punishing perpetrators is “bad”– and if that is the case, I pray for your family who has to deal with your violence.

          • Floyd Wilson

            I thought he was a Kroger employee?

          • Floyd Wilson

            You self hating blacks are the worst.

        • Also, you are incorrect. The Rice case actually resulted in a domestic violence charge by the police.”Rice was ordered to take anger management counseling and be supervised,
          by a probationary period, for 12 months. A proof of participation was
          required by the court, the records show.” — info from ESPN

        • Floyd Wilson

          But Jay-z and his sister are black, just like you and your sister/wife.