In the stupid is as stupid does file, James O’Keefe, a conservative film maker and would be community activist, went to Canada and then crossed back over into the United States wearing a garb that looked like an ISIS/ISIL uniform carrying a duffle bag labeled RICIN, and all to show would be terrorists such as ISIL just how easy it is to sneak into the United States from Canada.

O’Keefe recently returned from the Mexican border where he stepped over the U.S. border into Mexico and then back again dressed as someone looking like he was from Al Qaeda, and of course all to show just how easy it is for would be terrorists who are looking at ways to sneak into the US, to do it.

I don’t think that O’Keefe actually understands that what he is producing actually benefits those who wish to bring harm to the United States. All this appears to be doing is trumpeting O’Keefe’s talking points to conservatives so he can give them something to be afraid of. It has never been any real secret that it is easy to sneak in to the U.S. from Canada or even Mexico. But O’Keefe in his small way is trying to strike fear into the hearts of the population by going out and actually sowing the seeds of how easy it would be for some lone wolf terrorist to attack us.

Lone wolves of course are one of the worst forces to deal with for Law Enforcement, in part because they are almost impossible to stop. O’Keefe in this situation shows just how easy it would be for someone with ill intent to just sneak across from Canada and enter the U.S with a duffle bag labeled “Terrorist Supplies Inside” like some Road Runner Bugs Bunny cartoon. Sure, people usually do not pay attention to other people on a daily basis. And yes, this is what would terrorists count on. O’Keefe does a bang up job in showing that as a nation we are too wrapped up in our cell phones and devices to even know to look for people wearing such garb and carrying such bags. That is pretty much how the Boston Bombers acted, and we all know how that turned out.

What O’Keefe tries to show with this nonsense is that anyone at any time can be a suspect, and we should all remain vigilant for such activity. However, this plays into the 90’s when Operation TIPS was drawn up, whereby everyone from your cable guy to the utility installer were supposed to report on their neighbors or any suspicions they had about them to a national government database which was being put in place to track everyone. In a way it was Orwellian to think about such a scenario, so the plan was eventually scrapped over the public outcry over such an operation. What O’Keefe wants to do is go back to those dark days where everyone has to be afraid of everyone else, and also have us all report on what we see and what we think about others. Of course if one were to look at O’Keefe’s record for dressing up in suspicious clothing and trying to infiltrate congressional offices under false pretenses, well, then he would probably be the one most reported on. So it would kind of defeat O’Keefe from ever acting out his twisted fantasies again.

O’Keefe continually shows just how dumb he is, and these videos showing where to cross the border and how easy it is for terrorists to do it only give those would be terrorists more ammunition in their toolbox, so when they do decide to attack us, they will just look to O’Keefe for the latest how to video on how to get in — and where to get in — and just how to dress — and what to carry — and where to attack. In this case he was showing how he could attempt to dump deadly chemicals into the water supply. Not only does O’Keefe give would be terrorists a road map on how to get here, he gives them ideas on what weapons to use. What’s next from O’Keefe, a handbook on how to make weapons from every day household supplies like in the old Anarchists Cookbook from Paladin Press?