Internet, if you haven’t already — meet CharlieDaDog, a Youtube sensation who shows us the best of dog-baby relationships. Although Charlie can’t pick up, feed, or burp his baby sister Laura, he sure as heck knows how to keep her entertained. He knows the best way to keep baby from getting bored is toys — lots and lots of toys of all shapes, sizes and colors. And he doesn’t mind helping out his mommy when she needs him to. As long as he gets some love and treats.

Charlie’s  video went viral after he stole his sister Laura’s toys, and then went to the toy box to make it all up to her. The cutest overkill ever!

In this video, Charlie shows Laura how to whine like a pro to get the treats.

In this video, Charlie shows off his new skills — putting blanket on baby and getting her favorite doll.

And in this video, Charlie starts making his own make-shift ball pit right in Laura’s crib!

  • SelenaJ25

    I have a beagle that looks just like Charlie! He was the same way with my kids when they were younger. This breed is definitely a family dog, they are so good with children. I had to laugh when Charlie was trying to give the blanket to the baby and he got distracted by the food on the table. That’s a beagle nose for you!

  • Jasmine35

    This dog is so cute! He makes such a good helper to his baby sister. I bet these two are going to grow up to become the best of friends. I hope that someday when I have kids I can have a great dog just like this.