Yesterday, we reported on a brutal hate crime that took place in Philadelphia. The beating by a “well-dressed” mob left two men in their late twenties with their jaws wired shut.

The story was covered by many news outlets and went viral on Twitter fairly quickly. By the end of the evening, however, a Philadelphia-area sports fan had managed to identify most of the suspects in the video footage, and passed the information on to the police. Three cheers for Philly-sports-Twitter! Here’s how it went down. (By the way, the police have thanked this user already and several suspects have already lawyered up. Learn more on Gawker.)

  • robert clark

    Why do you not show videos of hundreds of whites attacked by blacks in the knock out game, this is also racist

    • This article isn’t about a racist attack. It’s about a group of primarily white people who attacked two young gay men, who also happened to be white. Why don’t you read the articles before leaving irrelevant comments? If you do not like the content on this website, perhaps you should start your own blog and not comment on random articles that are not even about race.

    • William A. Ferguson

      Because while the knock-out game does exist, it’s bullshit that it’s “spreading” or has become an “epidemic”.