He might have gotten out of serving any time for beating and kicking his wife, but federal judge Mark Fuller might have to lose his gavel. A bipartisan chorus is calling for him to resign from the bench, and both of Alabama’s Republican senators agree.

“The American people’s trust in our judicial system depends on the character and integrity of those who have the distinction and honor of sitting on the bench and I believe Judge Mark Fuller has lost the confidence of his colleagues and the people of the state of Alabama and I urge him to resign immediately,” Sen. Richard Shelby, a Republican, said in a phone interview.

[…] “Judge Fuller’s unacceptable personal conduct violates the trust that has been placed in him,” Sessions said in a statement. “He can no longer effectively serve in his position and should step down.”

Judge Fuller has to be impeached by Congress in order to be fired, yet that is now a very real possibility. Fuller would be wise to step down with what little dignity he has left and start cashing in all his political chips in the private sector.