Ganjapreneur, a website that launched earlier this summer devoted to cannabis industry business news and culture, recently announced the first episode of a web video series which will feature marijuana entrepreneurs and investors.

The inaugural episode is 20 minutes long and features John Evich, the primary investor in Top Shelf Cannabis, a Washington State recreational cannabis retailer which made history as the first store to serve the legal market in July.

In the video, Evich leads a tour of the shop and also discusses how he came to be involved in Top Shelf Cannabis. He explores some of the obstacles that he faced while building the business, and his perspective on the future of the recreational cannabis in Washington.

Ganjapreneur also has included footage that they recorded prior to the interview, onsite at Top Shelf Cannabis for the first sales of edible and concentrate products in the recreational market.

  • Maheni

    I still don’t get it, other states have done it, why can’t all states do it? Look at the profit to be made from it and honestly I would not mind it if it is taxed. Everything else is and it seems like that is still not enough to pay for the schools that need funds, the roads that are falling apart or anything else.

    • My personal belief is that it should be legalized across the board, but it looks like it will happen mostly state by state. As more states wake up to the fact that the abuse of police power, excessive force etc are all parts of the “drug war” — which is mostly the feds arresting potheads and an inordinate amount of black potheads, I think we’ll see more states realizing how much they stand to profit. The substance itself doesn’t kill people, but some of the activity surrounding illegal drugs does. If it’s legal, there will be less black market, less drug deaths, less people beat up, arrested, jailed for years for merely possessing pot.