An elderly woman in Oklahoma City who begs for money on a median strip actually has a newer-model car, and a home, as well as a panhandling permit. When somebody who had been giving money to the woman discovered she drives a new Fiat, he sprung up to confront her. A passerby (who also recognized the woman who had been panhandling in the street) had been preparing to take a photos as evidence herself when she caught the confrontation on film.

A new model Fiat retails between $11,000 and $15,000 at dealerships.

In Oklahoma, almost anyone can get a panhandling license as long as they are willing to submit to a criminal background check. By accepting a license to panhandle, the license holder must agree to the city rules regulating where and when they may panhandle.

  • Briar

    It’s people like this lady who make it that much harder for folks who really need help. I remember seeing an undercover news segment in New York City several years ago when they followed a panhandler in his new Cadillac all the way to his split-level home on Long Island. That’s disturbing to good Samaritans who want to help.

    • Versinel

      I know there was a guy who did this in Maryland about 20 years ago to see how people actually reacted to him. He was considered the Baltimore bagman and I don’t remember his name, but he had a house and everything. He did this as I guess early retirement or something, everything (other than food given) he donated back to local shelters.

  • Cuppycake

    Wow. There are people out there who actually need the help. That money could have been given to someone else who actually needed it. If she is driving a car like that, I doubt she is that desperate for money.

  • Stevojax

    What the hell is a panhandling permit?

    • Versinel

      I would guess it is some legal piece of paper that says you can panhandle. I guess it is a paper that says you can legally beg for money. That seems sort of one off to me. How are they paying to get a permit in the first place?

  • R A


    There isn’t a license for panhandling. There isn’t anything that doesn’t
    allow panhandling. Anyone can ask anybody for help or for money,” said
    David Adcock, Oklahoma City development center manager.

    One thing that’s not allowed is bartering, like holding a sign that says “will work for food.”

    Aggressive panhandling is also against the law.

    • oh, thank you for that info… Looks like they were considering legislation in June this year but it didn’t pan out. (oh geez…pardon the pun)

      • R A

        Was your brain damaged during birth or in an accident later on?

  • justphilip

    One way to look at this is, the woman didn’t really waste any of the money that people gave her. I mean, we should be happy that she wasn’t one of those beg-by-the-day-drink-by-the-night types!