Todd Kincannon recently made some of his typically colorful  hateful comments on Twitter, this time with a “solution” to the Ebola crisis. Fox News is freaking out about Ebola. Which brings an awesome, ripe opportunity for the Colbert Show to have fun at their expenses.

Todd Kincannon, the racist misogynist jerk-head from South Carolina, is now somewhat legendary for his activities vitriolic hyperbole on Twitter. I don’t know what it means when his hate has earned him recognition  enough to make it onto the Colbert Report.

The idea of him becoming a household name is downright frightening to me.

But hey, Colbert can help us laugh about until Kincannon puts his Obamacare to use and gets a checkup for that mania that keeps him tweeting about 300 angry thoughts an hour.

  • OooShiny

    Has Kincannon been tested for rabies? Truly, what else could possibly turn a man into a frothing hatebeast? Lemme check; brb.


    Okay, ixnay on the shots; he doesn’t have rabies. He’s a lawyer for failed GOP candidates, so there ya go.

    • I thought maybe he’s a total failure so hate is the only thing he does “well”

      • OooShiny

        Like mom always said, practice makes perfect!

    • Maheni

      I love watching Colbert rip into people like this, I doubt the guy has rabies (or a heart) but wow talk about putting your foot in your mouth repeatedly over and over again. I wonder if this guy knows that he is mental?

  • justphilip

    Can’t imagine what kind of dark past this guy had to go through. I guess some people are here just for the rest to feel good about themselves, or for Colbert to make fun of!


    Making lots of noise about one’s conservatism, seems to excuse just about any degree of stupidity.