When it comes to legal marijuana consumption, it appears that a rather loud minority of North Americans aren’t prepared to cope with its use becoming socially acceptable. A couple in Washington state purchasing marijuana legally allowed a news crew to film them taking their first legal bong hits, and gained this knowledge firsthand.

They weren’t prepared for the insults and hate aimed at them via Facebook comments. People who live on the other side of the continent had judgement to pass on the young couple. The people were angry, and vicious. (Cuz pot is totally ruining America!)

Of course, marijuana isn’t the only topic that causes mobs to go crazy on social media. Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly toxic spaces for women and men online. When it comes to smoking pot, even legally — it’s probably best to have a “don’t ask don’t tell” mentality when it comes to public spaces — especially on social media, where judgements and mob mentalities can create real-life troubles for their targets.

Potential employers, your grandmother, and all the stick-in-the-mud conservatives spread in bunkers across the country probably don’t need to know that you choose to partake.

Lesson learned.