Apologies to fans of the hippie classic Hair, but the climate is screwed and so are we. Is it time for a rewrite?

BERLIN (Reuters) – Scientists from around the world met this week to decide whether to call time on the Holocene epoch after 11,700 years and begin a new geological age called the Anthropocene – to reflect humankind’s deep impact on the planet.

For decades, researchers have asked whether humanity’s impact on the Earth’s surface and atmosphere mean we have entered the Anthropocene – or new human era.

“What we see is the urban phenomenon and the boom of China has a direct marking in the forms of the strata,” said John Palmesino, a London-based architect who has worked with the scientists to capture on film the impact of humans on the Earth.

“You can no longer distinguish what is man-made from what is natural.”

When blood moon is in the Boehner House
And carbon load aligns with Mars
Then war will raze the planet
Despite your Hollywood stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Anthropocene
The Age of Anthropocene
Anthropocene! Anthropocene!

Disharmony, misunderstanding
Sectarian distrust abounding
Too many falsehoods and derisions
Goldbugs killing dreams and visions
Abiotic oil delusion
Glib free market liberalization

Anthropocene, anothropocene

Let the sunshine win, Let the sunshine win, Let the sunshine win