Ghostbreakers, a “faux reality series” spoofing paranormal investigation, has been released — right on time for Halloween. The show is a creation of New Palace Films, Malchus Media and actor/comedian Joey Greco and is available on demand in the U.S.A via for downloading and streaming.

Ghostbreakers was shot shot on location in Shreveport, Louisiana. The first eighteen 22-minute episodes star Greco, who rocketed to the spotlight hosting the controversial show Cheaters, a long-running reality megahit. (Greco left the show in 2012 to work on Ghostbreakers.)

So what’s the plot of the show? From the press release:

Answering calls from desperate individuals in conflict with supernatural forces, The Ghostbreakers’ overconfident commander, played by Greco, leads his team of bold but hapless spook-chasers—including a lovelorn gadget master (Gabriel Horn), a prima donna clairvoyant (Shanda Lee Munson), and a fainthearted muscle man (Bryan Massey)–face-first into the dangerous fray of the unknown. Attempting to placate, evict or exterminate mischievous spirits, they generally end up causing more harm than good for their often-dissatisfied clients. Failure is always an option for this dysfunctional crew of bickering nitwits.

Greco says, “Having spent considerable time as a reality show host, it was refreshing to work on a project that made light of the genre. For parody to work, you need an over saturated format like paranormal investigation. Its tricks and clichés are familiar to everyone and therefore ripe for comedic deconstruction.”

Check out some highlights from the show below:


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  • Angelice

    This show looks pretty funny! I am going to have to look into it and see if my family will enjoy it. I actually think some of the regular ghost hunting shows are pretty funny without being a spoof.

  • Bendal

    I’m a huge chicken when it comes to paranormal stuff, but maybe I’ll actually be able to watch this since it’s a spoof. It would be nice to be able to watch something ghost-related that other folks are watching and still be able to sleep at night.

  • Jasmine35

    I love paranormal shows and I am an avid watcher. Some of the shows that I watch, you kind of have to wonder if they are real or not. I think that some of it is real, but other times I think they are just being dramatic. I may have to check out this show, it looks pretty amusing.