Michelle Malkin along with the conservative Citizens United group led by David Bossie of Occupy Unmasked fame has opened Rocky Mountain Heist in Colorado after an appellant court in Denver rejected the argument that it was a political attack advertisement and thus needed to disclose who was actually paying for the retched thing from hell. The attack liberals advertisement documentary tells the story of the Gang of Four, a so called liberal group of millionaires and billionaires who Malkin and Bossie claim have turned the once red state of Colorado into a blue state.

The nearly-hour-long film illustrates how the Gang of Four coordinated their campaign targets and spending behind closed doors. We report on how they drafted up elitist plans to “educate the idiots.” With commentary from journalists, local and state Republican lawmakers, and even one political science professor (who ironically testified against Citizens United’s right to equal media treatment!), “Rocky Mountain Heist” traces how the liberal scions and their “Colorado Democracy Alliance” captured the governor’s mansion, the state legislature, and two Senate seats.

Of course anything Malkin and Bossie produce tends to swing to the extremist viewpoints, so it’s no wonder that it won’t make any actual theaters, instead this time it ends up on cable TV like the plethora of infomercials that are produced on the upper channels that few if any really pay any attention to. Sadly for Malkin and Bossie, Mark Cuban isn’t around this time to produce their horrific attack ads disguised as documentaries like he did with the Occupy Unmasked production. Remembering back on the Occupy Unmasked film (if you can call it that) I ended up having to close my ears half the time due to the horrid background music it used, along with statements from Lee Stranahan, Brandon Darby and Andrew Breitbart who made the entire thing into an attack on those who were a part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The entire thing reminded me of some type of Eraserhead movie with production values straight out of some 50’s horror show, with rats crawling around and images of black bloc anarchists breaking storefront windows along with the horrid background music made you want to vomit all over the thing.

Truly, Occupy Unmasked was a creepy thing to watch. I shudder to think what Bossie and Malkin have produced with this version of their victimization narrative. More to the point, I am sure it will say something like: hey we live in Colorado and we are victims of wealthy people (forgetting of course that Malkin is wealthy as well) and we lost Colorado by people who outspent us on the ground, so poo poo and cry for us, and if you are pissed off about it like we are, please send us a check so we can fight the rich wealthy liberals who took over our state and turned it into a pot smoking liberal haven for people who live with rats and break storefront windows and want to take away our religious conservative values.

Liberals with ProgressNow Colorado of course have produced their response to the attack ad by Malkin and company and you can see that below.

And this response from Gov. John Hickenlooper which is hilarious.



  • Pedro

    Someone has a war on women going on!

  • Kathleen Anderberg

    Political groups on sides have a war on the individual on. One side wants to take away freedom of personal choices while the other wants to restrict our economic freedom. Both have to be fought in the name of individual rights.

  • Larry

    Attacking those who tell the truth is the liberal Socialist/Fascist way.

    Conservatives stand for LIBERTY. Liberals for GOVERNMENT CONTROL.
    Moderate Conservatives and Liberals should be able to come to a meeting in the MIDDLE with as much LIBERTY as possible — which requires SOME government control, but not INVASIVE government control.

    ALL of us are hurt when EITHER side blocks bills passed by the other. Discuss, Modify, or even Reject — but allow those bills to come to the floor of the Senate.

  • earthside

    I watched the ‘Rocky Mountain Heist’ ‘movie’ last night and it is an quite amusing piece of political irony. There isn’t anything in the ‘movie’ that Malkin accuses the Democrats in Colorado of doing … that the Tea Party-Repuglicans aren’t attempting to do in other states and nationwide with Koch money.

    Of course, there are also numerous factual errors in the ‘movie’ as well. (It got Tom Udall mixed-up with Mark Udall, for instance.)

    This ‘movie’ is a whole lot of nothing — it is trying to put a sinister spin on plain old good organizing by Democrats in Colorado. As an independent, I’d like to see the big-money from special interests taken out of campaigns all together, but until that happens, it is just nutty conspiracy propaganda for the Repuglicans to whine when Democrats get their own millionaires to fund campaigns. After all, the Citizens United SCOTUS decision was sought by Tea Party-Repuglicans, they are just getting hoisted on their own petard.

    (The Hickenlooper ‘Rocky Mountain Height’ video is great!)