Tea Party extremists and Dan Backer’s Stop This Insanity nonprofit have decided that they are losing at the polls, so they finally figure out that they need the minority vote and launched Restore The Dream 2014. This effort is an attempt to show that the Tea Party cares about minority black voters, especially since President Obama recently said that without the black vote democrats might lose the midterm elections. So in walks Dan Backer and Ken Blackwell of Groundswell fame along with a host of other right wingers like Star Parker to reach out to minority voters. You can read more about Dan Backer here. The question I have is where were they last year, and why only did they recently decide to try and cash in attract the minority black vote two weeks before midterm elections are held?

Gee, two weeks is all the caring they appear to have. It is almost as if to say they better scrape that minority vote up while they can. As for caring about them my guess is that as soon as they are done with those voters they will abandon the entire cause. Let’s not forget that it was the black vote that had the Tea Party challenger thrown out during the Thad Cochran versus Chris McDaniel runoff in Mississippi. That same minority vote cost the Tea Party dearly in that election. And as we have seen after that vote the Tea Party went around blaming black voters for their loss to Thad Cochran. But now for some reason they think that two weeks before midterms they can suddenly attract those very voters for other races.


Restore The Dream 2014 has on its board Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece as a figure head, which is supposed to rope in the uneducated who wouldn’t know that she only supports Tea Party causes. The rest of the group is comprised of Freedom Works and the usual suspects aligned with Tea Party extremists.



It is apparently too little too late for Tea Party Extremists to come to the minority table asking for help, especially since they were not treated very well in Mississippi. And to come to the table two weeks prior to the election asking for help seems more than too little too late. It is nothing but shameful pandering to a base they never understood nor ever cared for.