Influenced by surf, skate and art cultures, Dude. be nice clothing works to inspire youths to put a little effort out every day for good. And that’s exactly what they did this week for April Ray, the owner of Daisy’s Costumes, a store owner who recently suffered fire and lost everything earlier this year. Ray had a reputation for helping who was students with costumes free of charge.

Antelope Valley residents rallied behind April and George Ray to help rebuild the 30-year business, but the students for whom she has always been there wanted to take it even further.

In stepped DUDE. be nice founder and CEO Brent Camalich, who helped orchestrate hundreds of Antelope Valley High school students. The crowd, complete with the school mascot, caught April by surprise when they arrived outside of her store holding flowers. They then gave her a dance and musical performance she’ll never forget.

“In the months since my store burned down, there hasn’t been a day gone by when something magical hasn’t happened,” Ray said as she beamed at the sea of students. “But nobody can top this.”

“We realized there are a lot of brands out there that don’t stand for anything and we wanted to be different,” said Camalich. “So, we created a brand that’s relevant enough for young people to wear and isn’t ‘anti’ something, but is ‘for’ being nice.”