replica handgun

72-year-old Richard Lightcap of Gibbstown, New Jersey faces criminal charges after roaming the street  he lived on with a replica firearm, vowing to fight crime.

While holding what looked like a semi-automatic handgun, he reportedly told the four female students from Rowan University about “drugs and burglaries” in the area and explained to the young women he planned to “deal with that,” according to

The gun wasn’t real, but it was painted to look like the real deal. The normally-orange tip, used  to distinguish it from a real weapon, had been painted black.



    If a black teenager did the same thing, he/she would be dead.

    • Pedro

      If a white teenager did the same thing, he/she would be racist.

      • Haradanohime

        If George Zimmerman did it, he would be patted on the back while certain media groups shouted about his innocence, given money for his defense. and a free tour of the toy gun factory.

        • Pedro

          Vs being tried in a court of law by his peers? Truth hurts and the race card is so out of date.