Canadian actor and comedian Andre H. Arruda was inspired by the recent viral video that chronicled the street harassment aspiring actress Shoshana Roberts recieved in New York City. So he decided to chronicle the daily abuse he gets experiences because of his disability.

Arruda stands at just three feet tall and has had a scooter his whole life.

To make the video, he spent just a few hours traveling around his hometown of Toronto, with a friend who chronicled the taunts and abuse. People gawked. People took photos. They laughed at him, pointed, and called him names. Arruda says he was the target of more than 100 rude comments. They called him “leprechaun” “mini-me” “baby” and more.

They all had jokes, and his disability was the punch line.

This is something he experiences every time he leaves home. He actually usually uses headphones and music as a coping mechanism to tune out the daily taunts.

Still, he told the Toronto News, “it gets unbearable.”

He hopes to start a conversation about the way people treat those with disability.