A Domino’s Pizza manager in Saginaw, Michigan was fired on Monday after a video went viral documenting his abusive rant. The manager unleashed his tirade at a customer who was unsatisfied with his response to her complaint.

The woman, who had received the wrong pizza sauce, took to the store after being hung on when she tried to lodge a complaint over the phone. After her daughter called back to complain and received the same treatment, the two decided to visit in person.

Ironically, it was the daughter who thought her mother would look crazy. She didn’t expect the store manager to cuss them out.

The store’s former general manager Chris Bernier, who was the employee on tape, told WPTV-5 that the video was lopsided and that his anger was justified.

“I regret the language I used, but if people could see everything that happened, especially in the phone calls, they would not be sympathetic for this woman,” Bernier said in an email told the news

station in an email .