A newly elected Republican representative in Missouri spoke at a meeting over the weekend advocating for the legalization of marijuana, according to Fox-2 News. Representative elect Shamed Dogan, a  newly-elected Tea Party Republican, was a speaker on a  panel on the Fall Cannabis Reform Conference held last Saturday.

He told the attendees his rationale, “I think the fact it is a state verses federal thing, that’s another argument to use with people. I mean, why should I care that the federal government’s made it completely illegal, right? Like, why shouldn’t states be able to experiment and have different policies?”

Of all the arguments for legalization – from medicinal and research study benefits to the vastly unjust, racist enforcement policies tethered to the war on drugs, this may not be the best reason out there for legalization. It’s an interesting show of support from a Tea Party Republican, and most likely just a sign that the Republican party is trying to modernize its support by pushing a few policies that Millennials can get behind.

Or maybe Republican leadership is starting to realize that times will be easier for everyone under a Republican-controlled government if we can spend the remainder of the next two years getting stoned?

  • JohnBull

    Whatever will the cops do if they’re not harassing people for pot?

  • Cuanta

    I think it’s great that there are supporters in the Republican party of legalization of marijuana. It’s a nearly harmless natural plant which people should have the right to use if they’d like. His rationale was very traditionally republican, essentially promoting freedom of personal choice.

  • Philli

    Yes, I believe the Republican party may be getting on board with things like legalization of marijuana and gay marriage because they’re trying to maintain a strong base. These are positions that the majority of the population now agree on.

    • Change we must, or die we will! thanks for stopping by & commenting

    • razzytaz

      This is exactly what I think. These are two big issues right now. Republicans want to jump on board in hopes to gain votes. I am surprised that Democrats aren’t doing the same.