Senator Tom Whatley Mugshot

Alabama State Senator Tom Whatley was arrested and charged with third degree domestic violence Tuesday evening, according to local television station WSFA-12.

The Republican state senator was arrested by officers with the Auburn Police Department and booked into the Lee County Jail where he was held for a mandatory 12 hour period. Sheriff Jay Jones says Whatley posted a $500 bond and was released.

The senator has already put out a statement alongside his fiance, Lindsay Waits, denying the charges and accusing the police of basically over-reacting.

Whatley’s statement read:

Unfortunately, I was arrested last night on a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. I would like to assure the citizens of Senate District 27 that I was not violent with my fiance, Lindsay Waits. 

Tuesday Evening the police were in my neighborhood, apparently because of a report of a homeless person sleeping in the area. Lindsay and I were out on my back porch and were involved in a discussion, but we were not violent to one another. I love Lindsay and I would never be violent toward her.

We will now take this matter through the normal legal process until it is resolved.

Waits’s statements echoed Whatley’s sentiment, and even delved into the alleged details. (Police have stated  that they do not comment on pending domestic violence cases, so there is currently no rebuttal of this account.):

As Tom Whatley’s fiance, I would like to state, very adamantly, that I did not call Auburn City Police with a report of domestic violence on Tom. Tuesday night we were involved in a discussion outside Tom’s house. Apparently, the police were nearby on another matter and heard use and came, even though neither of us nor any neighbors had requested assistance. 

There was absolutely no violence involved by either party. I cannot state enough what a warm, loving relationship Tom and I enjoy. Neither would ever hurt the other and I consider this matter to have been a misunderstanding. 

Waits, the owner of a popular pilates studio in Auburn, has apparently deleted her Twitter account (@LindsayWaits) and her Facebook account after word of her fiance’s arrest. The couple had a strong social media presence, and often tweeted to each other. Their relationship seemed to enjoy the media spotlight, but now just a few traces of their relationship remains.

Tom Whatley’s Facebook page shows no traces of the relationship.