In yesterday’s post about William Hoge’s creepy stalking and harassment of the Kimberlin family, I relied on outdated information when I described their domestic unity as “irretrievably broken.” I am pleased to learn that I was wrong: since I last inquired about their welfare, Mr. and Mrs. Kimberlin have been putting their family life back together again and seeing each other every day.

In that same article, I also caricatured Aaron Walker’s perjured fever-fantasy while explaining Hoge’s key role in making it public. This seemed sensible, since the last thing I wanted to do was repeat the masturbatory details of their defamation. But Mr. Hoge was so very upset by my tongue-in-cheek portrayal of their false legal document that he took to his blog and demanded I retract the entire post.

Few things are as hilarious to me as obsessive, libelous stalkers threatening litigation because I haven’t described their most-complex fictions in full and accurate detail. With only one minor correction, the article stands.