Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is scheduled to announce his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination today at a rally in Louisville, before launching a tour of four early voting states: New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada. James Rustad sings about Senator Paul’s cozy Koch brothers connection, his betrayal of his father Ron Paul’s libertarian principles, and his association with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in “Rand’s Rotten Rug.”

Senator Paul – he’s funded with Koch brothers backing
Senator Paul – his hair follicles sorely lacking

Rand’s Rotten Rug – do do do
Rand’s Rotten Rug – I say: it’s awful

Senator Paul – his dad’s a libertarian hero
Senator Paul – he’s just a wishy-washy zero

Terrible Toupee – do do do
Terrible Toupee – I say: it’s awful

Rug-Rug-Rug Rotten Rug
Rug-Rug-Rug Rotten Rug

Alex Jones – his “truther” 9/11 theories
Alex Jones – he’s friends with Rand that makes me weary

Horrible Hairpiece – do do do
Horrible Hairpiece – I say: it’s awful

“Rand’s Rotten Rug”
Lyrics by James Rustad. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.