In a new twist to dating apps, Sugar Daddy app SugarD is doing some creepy stuff and seems oblivious to the privacy aspects of the dating app business by identifying users and freely talking about them in the media.

Sugar Daddy is an app that allows older men to comb through their database looking for hookups with younger women who are seeking an older adult male to take care of them sugar daddy style. Their marketing material on their website claims that older men can find some young girl to take care of:

SugarD is a creative dating app designed for pretty & young and successful & rich people. Through our app, Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies both get what they want. Do you want to people on your terms and change your life for the better?

However the company goes a step beyond the pale by telling the media that they are actually identifying users who use their service:

The total percentage of members who appear to be government workers is 7%, but based on .gov email address and zip code comparisons, Washington, D.C. boasts a full 16%. This includes both men and women seeking to arrange such a lifestyle (although 80% of .gov members are male).

How creepy is that? It is almost as if they think that users want to be identified and trolled for whatever happens to them if the company servers get hacked. Coming off the wave of the Ashley Madison hack I wonder how many of these users actually want to be identified? But the company literally tells the media that they are actively tracking and identifying members of their service.

According to company spokesman Darren Shuster, they have identified numerous Texas government employees using their government email addresses to sign up to the service so they can be sugar daddy’s for young women.

“We see a lot of sign-ups with the ‘.gov’ e-mail extensions so that made it easy for us to identify them,” Shuster said.

How weird and literally creepy that is. Yet, the company seems oblivious to this type of invasion of their users privacy. So, when it comes time to reel in the users at government offices in Texas and around the country, it will probably be just a matter of time before they are subpoenaed to produce their government user database, because, you know, looking for young women on the government tit is probably not a very wise thing to do for job security.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Shuster said of the Ashley Madison hack that nobody really cared about it despite several suicides and other issues with the exposure of millions of Ashely Madison user identities.

“I think people no longer care about getting caught on these types of platforms. When Ashley Madison thing blew up, nobody really cared. These dating platforms are pretty mainstream these days.”

Are you nuts or something, nobody cared? If I were using such a service who made those claims, I would run for the hills after deleting the app and wiping my profile off that site as quickly as I could get to a computer. These guys are literally out of their minds by tracking and identifying users and publishing that to the media. And not only that, stupidly saying that nobody cared about the Ashley Madison hack. Yes, these dating platforms are pretty mainstream these days, yeah, and being a sugar daddy to some young chick on the government tit is just as mainstream too, might as well have an app for that, yeah…