Glenn Beck has vowed he will smuggle Syrian immigrants into the United States and vows that no government will stop him, and he will gladly go to jail to do it. Beck also claims that the US border with Mexico is a great place to smuggle them in, and is now raising money through his Nazarene Fund with the goal of raising 10 million dollars to use as a fund for smuggling illegals in from Syria.

“I refuse to be the church that stood and said, ‘Sing louder when the trains with Jews go by.’ Our churches have gone dead inside,” Beck said, the Daily Caller reported. “I will so gladly grace a jail for the justice cause of saving people’s lives. I don’t need your permission at all to do the right thing! That’s who we need to be now! Forget about Washington! You don’t need permission to do the right thing.” The radio host said, “The State Department won’t let them in? Really? Because I know some bridges over a river in Texas [where] that doesn’t seem to matter.”

So how does this add up with the right-wing narratives on immigration? It seems there is a tendency with right wingers to claim that illegal immigrants are flooding in from El Salvador and Mexico and the call is to ship them all back where they came from. But Beck now goes a step further with this anti-anti-immigrant backlash, he now vows to start smuggling in Syrian refugees without any concern as to how this makes right wingers look for their stance on illegal immigration. Not only that, he vows to break every law on the books to do it, and literally become a master smuggler “Coyote” himself.

Is Beck one step away from federal charges for conspiracy to aid and abet human trafficking without as much as going through the standard procedure for immigrating to the US? Is Beck also saying that those illegal immigrants from Mexico should now just be allowed in without going through the standard procedures for obtaining legal status? Will Beck spend his considerable sums of money to feed, clothe and provide shelter and care for the immigrants he plans to illegally smuggle into the US? What will the Department of Homeland Security say about this plan? Can Glenn Beck be far from a Federal Lockup facility for boldly claiming that no government will be able to stop him from raising money to be a part of a human trafficking operation with his Nazarene Fund? Inquiring minds want to know.

Only 2 years ago Beck claimed that any intervention in Syria will start World War 3. Now, suddenly, Beck wants to intervene in Syria by smuggling immigrants into the United States via the Texas-Mexico border. How will Beck determine whether or not terrorists will end up being a part of his human smuggling operation? How will Beck’s Nazarene Fund handle the security of the United States with all of the people he claims he will illegally smuggle into the US? Could one or more of these illegals end up being terrorists who will secretly come through the border through this smuggling operation? I guess we are just supposed to trust Glenn Beck to make those decisions for us.

Beck also claims that the CIA is now working with him on this smuggling operation. So wait, what does that mean if the CIA, which is a part of the US government, is secretly (no longer a secret because Beck disclosed it) helping to run this human smuggling operation despite all the laws on the books that force anyone wanting to immigrate to the US legally to go through DHS screenings and pay fees and wait for security checks for years on end to go through before anyone is allowed legal status here? Yet, now the CIA is suddenly going to partner with Glenn Beck and run a human trafficking operation from Syria.

So, the CIA, who are known for unlimited resources in money suddenly can’t fund this operation, so to make up for this lack of funding on the part of the CIA they need the hapless sap (you) to fund the Nazarene Fund instead of the US Government paying for it. Laughable!!! How Glenn Beck will stay out of a federal lockup for this scam as well as the operation itself will be a feat. because if any smuggling operation is deemed illegal it would be this one. Imagine if Joe Blow decided to just start a human smuggling operation and went out on Youtube asking for money for it, imagine just how quick he would be shut down and arrested by DHS? Yet Beck will probably not suffer any consequences for this. You know why? Because it’s all about entertainment and raising money for a religious cause. The scam is that you can say or do anything you want as long as you wrap it in some religious flag. And you can get away with it too just like Beck will. This is one of those deals where there should be a law, and actually there is a law, but because Glenn Beck is religious (Mormon) and above the law, he can say and or do anything he wants without any real world consequences. Sweet life eh?