It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to Ben Carson’s amateur biblical archaeology, our Threatcon Color Code is TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT


  • muselet

    • Kentucky has (a) a critical technical problem with its voting machines; (b) the weirdest voters in the land; or (c) a serious problem of election fraud. Those are not listed in order of likelihood.

    • The idea that two groups of protesters would squabble over which is more Christian is hilarious, but I found the caption on the third photo interesting: “Few, if any, of the protesters were local. Groups arrived from Louisiana, Las Vegas and as far away as Pennsylvania.” Not to point it too finely, but why do people from Pennsylvania care about the opening of the Greater Church of Lucifer in Spring, Texas?

    • I wonder if purity culture advocates like Jim Brazen realize they’re green-lighting sexually-aggressive behavior in boys by claiming males are nothing more than slavering bags of hormones with no impulse control. I also wonder if they care.

    • I thought right-wing extremism was the public facade of David Clarke.