Mr. Martin Shkrei (aka Pharma Bro) recently acquired a decades old drug used to treat Toxoplasmosis (an infection which can be lethal for babies and people with AIDS) and overnight raised the price to $750 a pill from $13.50. He later said that he only regretted not raising it higher to earn more profit, as pharmaceutical prices are “inelastic.” Today he was arraigned on securities fraud and wire fraud charges. The FBI unfortunately did not seize the single-copy Wu-Tang Clan rap album that he bought for $2 million dollars earlier this year. Listen here as James Rustad (starring as Pharma Bro) plays his original Pharma Bro Song on a Live Stream from Lockdown!

Pharma Bro – Don’t you know?
Your fifteen minutes is up
And they hauled you away in handcuffs

Parents immigrants American dream
Their son grew up to start a Ponzi scheme
Raised generic drug prices through the roof
To pay off investors in his hedge fund goof

Pharma Bro – Don’t you know?
There’s sick people in the streets in need
Because of your diabolical greed

Most eligible bachelor in the world
But he’s chatting online with high school girls
Poetic justice – it’s plain to see
That karma caught up with this DB

Pharma Bro – Don’t you know?
There’s one more thing I have to say
We want to hear that WuTang album today
Pharma Bro

“The Pharma Bro Song”
Lyrics and Music by James Rustad.
Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.