Unable to substantiate the ‘baby parts for cash‘ hoax against Planned Parenthood, last December Ohio Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine tried moving the goalposts instead. Claiming that the organization had failed to “humanely” dispose of aborted fetal tissues, DeWine cited an Ohio statute that doesn’t actually spell out what constitutes ‘humane’ disposal. Now, an investigation by…

  • muselet

    Mike DeWine is either a big fan of the Queen of Hearts—”Sentence first – verdict afterwards.”—or he just doesn’t know better than to use the old “these are the conclusions on which I base my facts” style of arguing.

    Either way, I’d say he’s unfit to serve as a state attorney general; catch me in a crabby mood and I’d say he’s unfit to hold a license to practice law.


  • Mark Laszlo

    Maybe he’s not high on de wine. Maybe he ate the honeycomb Greek Mercenaries found when they reached the 1st country on the South shore of the Black Sea.


    Republicans are great team players, in a goose stepping kind of way. Planned Parenthood became the GOP hobbyhorse of the moment and naturally, being the great team players they are, everyone had to pile on and go for a ride. It’s a lot easier to misinform and enflame the passions of the public than it is to set things straight, and Republicans always take the easy way out.