It figures that a reality show star who retweets white supremacists would turn to the right wing blogosphere’s most notorious figure for help. After Donald Trump’s campaign manager allegedly left bruises on a Breitbart reporter last week, Corey Lewandowski needed a new agent to wage PR war against his victim. Trump’s financial relationship to quelled…

  • muselet

    Everything I’ve heard about Charles C Johnson indicates you’re being entirely too generous, Matt. It figures Corey Lewandowski—and Matthew Boyle—would turn to someone like that.

    And I probably shouldn’t have had this reaction, but the photo of those three clownshoes holding big guns and gurning like gibbons made me laugh. If violence were to break out anywhere within five counties of them, they’d be too busy filling their pants and scuttling away to *ahem* got anyone’s back.

    An all-round classy guy, Charles C Johnson.