The Panama Papers are a leak of 11.5 million files from the database of Mossack Fonseca, the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm. The records were obtained from an anonymous source by a German newspaper which shared them with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. The documents show the many ways in which the wealthy can take advantage of nebulous offshore tax regimes.

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s father, Ian Cameron, ran a network of offshore investment funds in Panama and Geneva and held an offshore tax haven in the Bahamas.  Ian Cameron took great advantage of Margaret Thatcher’s abolishment of capital controls in 1979 (which occurred three months into her tenure as Prime Minister). Thatcher’s policies allowed Ian Cameron to move money out of the United Kingdom without legally having to pay tax or to inform the government of the funds. After days of ducking questions over whether he had personally profited from his late father Ian’s investment firm, Prime Minister Cameron admitted tonight to having pocketed thousands in profits from his father’s fund, Blairmore Holdings. He admitted to owning thousands of shares along with wife Sam which he exchanged for £30,000 just weeks before he became Prime Minister.  Fellow British politicians and also Edward Snowden weighed in that the surveillance state happy Cameron must go.

The corporatist and neoliberal Cameron has been soaking the poor for years in Great Britain, while enhancing the coffers of his wealthy pals in the name of austerity. Maggie Thatcher and David Cameron’s Crooked Pals Club Band will now recap the Greatest Hits of Crony Capitalist Cameron in song:

It was four years ago today
Cameron preached austerity
Osborne’s been hanging around
They’ve been driving England into the ground

Economy went into the tank
Time for dinner at the food bank
He’s defunding the NHS
Great Britain’s in a great big mess

David Cameron’s Crooked Pals Club Band
I think that Cameron must go
David Cameron’s Crooked Pals Club Band
For the tax evasion crime his cronies won’t be doing any time

David Cameron’s Crooked – David Cameron’s Crooked
David Cameron’s Crooked Pals Club Band

David Cameron’s act is tired – David Cameron’s should be fired
I hope he will resign from the Pals Club Band

I’m Tory and you’re Tory and we’re Tory and we are all together
See how we steal for the poor, disabled and elderly
It’s criminal

Sitting in Chequers
Out on the countryside
Corporation lackey
Union bustin’ bully
Man he’s been a lousy leader so Cameron must go

They’re the disabled, and hungry children
They are the scapegoats for Cameron

Mr. Osborne gives tax breaks to all the Tories oil industry friends
See how he lies in his Autumn Statement
See how he twists the facts around

Zero hour contracts screw over the working class
Benefits sanctions, long lines at the Food bank
Cameron’s been a naughty leader he let the people down

They are the infirm, they are the starving
They are the scapegoats for Cameron

Expert tax evaders joking
Funneling their pounds somewhere offshore
Billionaires lie like swine in the sky
See how they move their pounds around

Tory Austerity
Does nothing but cause great pain
Deregulation, privatization
Destroying the infrastructure of the Great UK

National Health Service
And education
They are the scapegoats for Cameron

The Tories are a racket
To redistribute wealth
The money sent the Tories way
Goes shakin’ to the top
The barons drive Rolls-Royces
They’re cruising down through Notting Hill
While Iain Duncan Smith caps
The welfare benefits

Tories don’t like it! ConDemNation! ConDemNation!
Tories don’t like it! ConDemNation! ConDemNation!

By order of George Osborne
They sanction benefits
Degenerate the NHS
Perform fit for work exams
Aged and infirm
Sick and suffering
Cameron must go now
He cuts all their funding
David Cameron, he don’t care
Long ques at the food bank

Tories don’t like it! ConDemNation! ConDemNation!
Tories don’t like it! ConDemNation! ConDemNation!

And here’s Ziggy Cameron and the Tories from Mars:

#ConDemNation #ToriesMustGo song
“Ziggy Cameron and the Tories from Mars”

Cameron is a wanker, cocked up Britain so completely with dodgy Osborne
They both are so barmy but they took things too far
Those duffers were special man
Yeah – they were the Tories band

David Cameron – his policies are naff and manky
I want you to know the Tories must go
The Tories must go
We tweet on twitter man
Trying to save England

The Tories must go now
Because they’re trying to break our balls
Need new leaders to guide us
We tweet Tories must go
Because Cameron must go

Aged and infirm, widowed orphans sick and suffering
Cameron doesn’t care
He cuts all their funding
And leaves them to starve
Long ques at the food bank
Austerity is so rank

Corporate tax avoidance
Moving their money all offshore
Safety net is in danger
If George Osborne gets his way
Benefit Sanctions every day

Interestingly enough, Democratic Presidential Candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders called out the tax evasion antics of the rich as revealed in “Panama Papers” scandal way back in 2011. Sanders came out against the Panama Trade Agreement (note: his rival Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton supported this trade deal as Secretary of State):

Sanders opposed the 2011 Panama Free Trade Agreement because he was concerned it would allow wealthy Americans and large corporations more and more to evade U.S. taxes by stashing their cash in offshore tax havens. Indeed, there are parallel phenomena occurring among the elites in Great Britain and the United States, both homes of rigged economies and casino capitalism. The Panama Papers story is gaining more traction abroad than in the US, however it is very relevant given the implications of lost US tax revenue amidst our crumbling infrastructure.

Song Credits:

“David Cameron’s Crooked Pals Club Band,” “I am the Scapegoat for David Cameron,” “Tories Don’t Like It, ConDemNation,” and “Ziggy Cameron and the Tories from Mars.”  Lyrics by James Rustad, Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.