Alphonso D. Mobley Jr. was allegedly building a bomb with a powerful, but unstable explosive that he was cooking in the kitchen of a vacant Columbus, Ohio house when it detonated, blowing off both hands. Despite his injuries, the 26 year-old man was charged yesterday with possession and manufacture of a dangerous ordnance alongside 21 year-old…

  • muselet

    I take no joy in Alphonso Mobley’s injuries, but anyone who messes around with TATP pretty much deserves what happens. Cooking up a batch of nitroglycerin in your bathtub might be more dangerous, but not by much.

    And Roberto Innis really needs to work on his storytelling skills. Generally speaking, dispatchers and emergency workers are more likely to believe a story that doesn’t involve hands spontaneously exploding.



  • Cordial Savage

    I’m just going to throw this out there…I bet he won’t be handcuffed whilst in custody.