After all of that gun-waving noise by the guys in the cowboy hats, the Bundy family turns out to be terrible at cattle ranching. Now that Bundy and his sons are locked away, the cows which caused all the trouble are overpopulated and untended. They should be removed from Gold Butte, of course, but state and…

  • muselet

    Those 1000 head of feral cattle have to be removed from Gold Butte. Herding them doesn’t seem like an option since they’re too many generations removed from human contact (and they’re unvaccinated, which means they’re a risk to any other cattle they come in contact with). Euthanizing them in situ—yes, that does mean shooting them at long range, probably with a bullet the size of a banana—and removing the carcasses would be difficult and extremely expensive. I have no idea what a third option would be.

    Plus, as you say, self-described “patriot” militias are likely to turn up, armed and itching for a fight, no matter what course of action authorities choose.

    If only the Reagan administration hadn’t decided to play footsie with the Sagebrush Rebels.

    Alas, there are no easy solutions. Regardless of what’s done, though, the Bundys and their allies should be handed the bill.