It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to the sudden death of Prince, our Threatcon Color Code is PURPLE REIGN

  • The largest longitudinal study ever conducted on the children of same-gender versus heterosexual households finds there are “no differences” in the emotional or physical health of children raised by gay or lesbian couples
  • In observance of Confederate History Month, journalist and author David Neiwert has been writing frequent posts at his blog that blow up the Lost Cause myth and other southern apologetics. Today’s post focuses on the white men who were never prosecuted for the Hamburg Masssacre of unarmed blacks in South Carolina, just one example of the shameless racial violence and eliminationist propaganda that characterized white resistance to Reconstruction
  • Adam Serwer investigates those southern myths about ‘black Civil War veterans’ and finds they are based entirely on white fantasies
  • Video has emerged showing Mark Crutcher, a forced-birth activist who advised fraudulent pseudo-journalist David Daleiden as he set out to fabricate smears against Planned Parenthood, admitting that his protege “made some mistakes” that will “cost” him. Daleiden has been indicted by a Houston, Texas grand jury and the California Attorney General’s office recently excecuted a search warrant on Daleiden’s apartment
  • 45 year-old Pennsylvania ‘sovereign citizen’ James Anthony Gore led police on a ten-mile chase while allegedly eating the marijuana in his possession
  • 79 year-old Idaho ‘sovereign citizen’ Peter Christian Jensen IV is suing the Transportation Department employee who revoked his driver’s license for unpaid registration and failure to buy insurance. Suing under ‘Mosaic Law,’ Jensen demands $6.6 million in gold and silver
  • Two Ohio ‘sovereigns’ were charged with possession and manufacture of a dangerous ordnance after one of them lost his hands to an accidental detonation while building a homemade bomb as part of an armed robbery scheme
  • Canadian Rajiv Dixit, who awaits trial for his role in the ‘Banner Brokers’ online advertising Ponzi scheme, has begun using ‘sovereign citizen’ tactics in his fight to delay an inevitable prison sentence
  • So-called ‘constitutional sheriff’ and overgrown sovereign citizen Richard Mack wants more American law enforcement chiefs to substitute his deranged belief-system for the laws of the land

  • Ted Cruz’s national security adviser, the anti-Muslim organizer Jerry Boykin, gave credence to a pair of internet hoaxes when he told talk show host Sandy Rios that Sharia law is taking over in Michigan and Texas
  • Turns out that Ted Cruz may be responsible for the coup against Phyllis Schalfly’s leadership at the Eagle Forum
  • Arsonist Jedediah Stout has pleaded guilty to destroying a mosque in Joplin, MO. He is also charged with trying to burn down a Planned Parenthood location
  • Paleoconservatism and right wing reactionary internet culture are raising a demonic baby called the ‘Alt-Right Movement’ that embraces fascism, patriarchy, and even the return of monarchies
  • Have you heard that Irish slaves were brought to America for centuries, and treated even worse than Africans? Mere revisionist bunk, the myth of the ‘Irish slaves’ has proven popular with white supremacists, Holocaust deniers, and racists trolling the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Federal prosecutors have convicted two leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood of Mississippi on a long list of charges
  • An Oregon jury found 63 year-old Kenneth Mendenbach guilty of building an illegal cabin on a federal road during the Sugar Pine Mine standoff last year, when the Oath Keepers militia supported two gold miners in their clash with the Bureau of Land Management. Mendenbach was the first militant arrested during the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge when officers spotted him driving a Fish & Wildlife Service-owned truck to a Burns, OR grocery store
  • Oregon’s ‘patriot’ militias are trying to win several county offices around the state next month in a bid to move their anti-government land policy agenda forward even though the Malheur occupiers await trial
  • Cliven Bundy’s cows are starving and overpopulated, but militia threats of violence are causing the Bureau of Land Mangement to drag their feet over removal
  • Charles and David Koch are funding the Prosper Foundation, a repurposed nonprofit originally created to oppose Obamacare, in order to block plans to protect the Grand Canyon from uranium mining


  • muselet

    • It doesn’t matter what “persona” Donald Trump projects, he’ll still be a sleazy carnival barker. However, Martin Longman (washingtonmonthly [dot] com [slash] political-animal-a [slash] 2016_04 [slash] if_the_apprentice_was_basicall060345.php) points out our glorious media are already applauding the short-fingered vulgarian for his “more businesslike and presidential ‘persona.'” Because of course they are.

    • The principal and police officer in Denver should be facing charges of assault and false arrest.

    • Bravo to David Neiwert. He’ll never reach the people who really need to be educated, but maybe he can put some sort of damper on Confederate History Month.

    • Islamophobes are the biggest suckers on the planet. They’ll buy any hoax at all, as long as it makes Muslims sound bad.

    • The way Betsy Woodruff’s piece reads, Eagle Forum was well on the way to spinning apart before Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Donald Trump. I suppose that shouldn’t make me happy, but it does.

    • The alt-right is exactly what I thought it would be: a bunch of dim, charmless, self-congratulating wankers who would have trouble running a lemonade stand, let alone a superpower.

    • The Koch brothers seem to relish acting like Bond villains.