Wow, how times have changed. Remember Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch?  Well, today the Satanic Temple, a protest group, wants to have equal time with your children in after school programs. The Temple claims that most after school programs are geared for Christian beliefs, now they want Satanic beliefs to be taught as well.

The Satanic Temple contacted nine public school districts across the country this week seeking to start after-school Satan programs. In all but one district, religious clubs are operated by the Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Clubs, in which students can study the Bible and pray, according to temple co-founder Lucien Greaves.

Several districts contacted by The Associated Press said they were reviewing the group’s request and noted their facilities were available to community groups.

So, Satan is now part of a community group, and they, or Satan, wants to be heard as well. According to Satan, “If you are going to teach Christianity, well then Satan wants equal time to teach Satanism.” Satan then went on to say, “I want equal time under the law.”

Mat Staver, founder of a Christian legal aid group that has represented the Child Evangelism Fellowship, said Greaves’ organization was illegitimate and an “atheist group masquerading” as religious. Greaves described Satanism as an atheist philosophy whose believers “feel it provides everything a religion provides to be legitimized as such.”

The Satanic Temple, which is based in Salem, Massachusetts, and has chapters in several states, said it wants to counter well-funded fundamentalist Christian organizations that it believes are eroding the separation of church and state in public schools. Greaves said the after-school program would show “that people can be of different religious opinions and still be moral, upright people.”

“We think that when kids are being exposed to the idea that they will burn in hell and other supernatural ideas, that there is a positive upshot to being exposed to the presence of a satanic afterschool program,” he said. Greaves said his group could pose tough legal fights if its requests are denied.

So, according to Satan’s minion or familiar, Legal fights will ensue if you deny Satan.

Most schools responded positively to Satan’s request. You know how it is, Satan offers whatever you want on earth as long as you pledge certain things.

In Utah, the Granite School District said that if the group meets set requirements, including paying rent, there’s nothing the district can do to stop it. District spokesman Ben Horsley said the group won’t be able to put up fliers in schools or talk to students during school hours, the same arrangement given to the Good News Club.

Springfield Public Schools in Missouri also said it was reviewing the group’s request. It noted that granting requests to use the district’s taxpayer-funded facilities “does not constitute the district’s endorsement.” The school district in Prince George’s County, Maryland, described a similar policy and noted parental permission was required for after-school activities.

So the message is: go along with Satan to get along with Satan, or his will be done as Satan says. Just wait until Satan gets a taste of school lunches argggg…