Gruppenführer Ben Shapiro, who used to work over at Breitbart News, is upset that Trump has hired Reich Minister Stephen “Goebbels” Bannon as the new campaign manager for Donald Trump. He goes on to say that Donald Trump is a “TURD TORNADO.”

Of course Ben has an axe to grind, he left Breitbart News to go out on his own after a dustup with Breitbart News, and that new venture for him hasn’t produced very much so far. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t been seen much since then. Breitbart has of course distanced themselves from Shapiro, and his input has all but been removed from the equation.

Of course CNN reached out to him to get a comment about Breitbart News rising up, or down if you will, to become the campaign front men for Trump. Ben of course has nothing but hatred for his old employers, and now it becomes very clear that he is very upset that he didn’t stay around to promote Trump. He would have been one of their main go to people for news and commentary on the campaign. But since he booted himself off the website, he’s upset he lost out on all the accolades and exposure he could have gained had he stayed on. So now Trump is a Turd Tornado, because you know, Ben Shapiro is no longer a thing.