Well, what’s this? A new blockbuster movie about the Clintons? Coming out in October, you say?

Odds Fish! What a remarkable shock!

This biopic calls itself, “Clinton, Inc.” (Get it? Clinton Incorporated? They’re not people? They’re a machine? A faceless, soulless machine that will grind your bones to make their bread and feed your children to the abortion mills to be sold for spare parts and at the end we discover that SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE?)

According to London’s “The Daily Mail”, the movie begins by going after Bill Clinton’s mama, portrayed as a slut with a heart of gold. She was nice, she was kind, she was lovable and she spread easier than Nutella. With all that unmarried promiscuity going on, the movie tells us, there’s a chance Bill Clinton knew that his papa was a rolling stone, and wherever he laid his hat was his home. Except, according to the movie, Bubba mighta not never knowed his real daddy’s name.

Ready for a shock? (And this movie has them. Shocks, that is.)

Bill’s slutty mama in her 20s was the spitting image of Monica Lewinsky.

The one on the left with real eyebrows is Monica. We know. It's almost impossible to tell the difference.
The one on the left with real eyebrows is Monica. We know. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference.

Poor Bill Clinton. Mama was a woman of ill repute even though she loved him with all her heart, how does a young strapping country boy grow up proper with that in his background?

He finds himself a woman. A GOOD woman. A STEADY woman with an inexhaustible capacity for forgiveness.

According to the Daily Mail:

Loosely based on the book by Daniel Halper, who now leads the New York Post’s Washington, D.C. bureau and ably narrates much of the movie, the new adaptation leans heavily on Hillary, the Democratic nominee for president.

Her White House run, filmgoers learn, is on the one hand an attempt to rehabilitate her family dynasty’s image, and on the other a sort of payback for putting up with her lascivious husband for decade after decade.

What’s most interesting about it isn’t what’s most current. The film does a cursory roundup of the latest scandals in Clintonworld, including the Benghazi terror attacks, pay-to-play accusations leveled against the Clinton Foundation and her classified email scandal.

See? They hit all the bases. Good job.
And guess who the filmmakers turn to for narration services, the voice to tell the story of slutty old lovable Virginia Clinton, her messed-up boy Billy, rock-solid criminal Hillary, oh yeah, and Monica.
The scraped the drain in a truck stop bathroom sink and came up with the clot named Dick Morris.
Remember him?
He’s a PUNDIT. A frequently incorrect one.

Heck, if you’re looking for the perfect person to lend credence and gravitas to a hit pic a month before an election, ya GOTTA go with Dick Morris!

He’s “Mister Credibility.”

If you guessed the "Top Clinton Aide" was Dick Morris, take two "Attaboys" out of the "Attaboy" jar.
If you guessed the “Top Clinton Aide” was Dick Morris, take two “Attaboys” out of the “Attaboy” jar.

Oh, the publicity for the October release of this cinematic gem just brims with truth, justice and the American Way.

According to the Daily Mail:

Following on the heels of the trashcan liner titled “Clinton Cash,” scribbled by Alt-Right Author Peter Franz Schweizer, a widely discredited by fact-checkers screed, supported by Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon and anti-Clinton toadie David Bossie, investors sank $1.5 million into making ‘Clinton, Inc.,’ which the MPAA has given a PG-13 rating. Lewinsky’s blue dress makes a cameo, and there’s ample talk about Bill’s affairs – although no appearance from alleged rape victim Juanita Broaddrick.

Sain insisted that he didn’t set out to put a divisive hit-piece on the big screen.

‘When I made the movie it wasn’t with the intent of trying to impact the election,’ he said.

‘We really tried to make it so that it would appeal to a wide audience.’

Therefore, cheers to the book’s author, Daniel Halper. Straight Arrow, non-biased. He’s the online editor of the neocon “Weekly Standard,” the right wing fish wrap, formerly owned by Rupert Murdoch, now owned by Philip Anschutz, the below-the-radar ultra right wing owner of the Clarity Media Group, publisher of “The Examiner.” No truth to the rumor that a name change is in the works.


The corporate name has already been taken, although they both serve the same purpose as receptacles for the depositing of excrement.