Until such time as the United States becomes a nation where “we the People” actually elect the president, feel free to ignore the national polls. They are meaningless. If they meant anything, President Gore would be enjoying his retirement and George W. Bush would be the Commissioner of Major League Baseball.

You don’t need a lecture from me about the Electoral College. If you’re politically hip enough to read this website, you know how it works. The real race is to see who can get 270 Electoral Votes.

It’s really too early, anyway, to give too much credence to polls. There needs to be at least one debate under the belt before public opinion starts to gel. Therefore, the first debate this coming Monday is a big deal.

President Obama almost blew it in 2012 when Mitt Romney led him around the ring by the nose in the first debate. He talked down to Obama. He came off as steady and informed. Obama looked flustered and put off by the whole thing. He was able to recover sufficiently in the final two debates. (Romney’s admission that 47% of you are dirtbag leeches didn’t help his case either.)

We’ve been watching the red carpet show to this point. It’s been a bizarre thing to see, something that political science students will study in years to come. What we’ve seen so far is the “coming attractions,” the cartoon, the “Three Stooges” short, and the feature presentation begins on Monday,

Then, watch the polls. Not the national horse race polls. They’re still meaningless.

The McClatchy Poll from last November. This was an "unpopularity poll." The least popular guy -- got the nod.
The McClatchy Poll from last November. This was an “unpopularity poll.” The least popular guy — got the nod.

Watch the state-by-state polls. See if there are any significant changes after the debate. Then and only then will we have a serious idea of how the 2016 Presidential campaign may be decided.

  • Politicians R Lying

    I was just having this conversation. Also, what jobs can any of them bring? None or not very many. No one is bringing manufacturing back to the USA just so people can buy 4000.00 dollar iPhone’s and 10000.00 dollar TV’s. Corporations are not going to cut profits just because some government told them to hire American workers and manufacture products in the USA.

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    We was able to recover

    Did you mean, “he was able to recover”

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      Thank you, officer. Here’s a fin for the Typo Police Ball. 🙂