Who's Ready for FUN?
Who’s Ready for FUN?

I have a happy surprise for two buddies! But damned if I am going to share it here.

No, you have to listen to the podcast to learn about the surprise. It’s a happy surprise about what happens when you cross the line and your harassment goes from annoying to thermonuclear,

They’re already having fun. I can tell. Laughing, pointing, drooling all over their playtime coveralls. If they think they’re having fun NOW?


Good clean fun, once begun, is never done.


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Having joined forces with his friend Brett Kimberlin in the complete and utter annihilation of WJJ Hoge III and his self-destructive legal machinations, your Humble Editor is devoted to his fiance, the plump and pleasant Lady Di, and #resistance to the madman in the White House, working hand-in-glove with friends and colleagues to stave off the incipient fascism facing our great republic. He enjoys an occasional top shelf bourbon.
  • Mark in MD

    Bravo, Bill. Teach these assholes a lesson. Absolutely deplorable sacks of shit, both of them.

    Also, fuck Hoge.

  • In tonight’s episode of Johnny FatSon, uh, AtSign, Hoge admits to knowing who stalked my parking lot last week to get a picture of my car.

    • Heather the real WI Loser

      K Gnu, aka Knot Gnu, aka C. Heather from Racine? The man that raised a semen bucket for a daughter and is now a grandfather. And they all live at home with mommy? Did the unemployment check pay for the gas, C?

      Loren must be proud, eh, C?