Crouching in his cobwebbed hovel, dripping venom like some huge, bloated, venomous spider, WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, MD, continues to prosecute his lost cause lawsuit against Brett Kimberlin and your humble editor.

Hoge continues to physically and mentally deteriorate as he scrounges for material to post to his failing blog, And now, he has resorted to plagiarism.

This screencap is taken under terms of fair use to illustrate a news story.

Here, I had been thinking since reading this yesterday that Hoge is a racist and misogynist. That he may well be. However, the lack of attribution — the desire to fool his readers into thinking that he is a clever racist misogynist — Hoge has given ammo to the defendants in his lawsuit by showing utter disregard for the rules of decorum he demands for those who write about him.

Now, he resorts to stealing material from other right wing shitheads who hate women.

Unlike Hoge, Rep. Sandlin seems to at least be embarrassed by his misogynistic post.

However, WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, MD, is a man apparently incapable of shame. We are not holding our breath for his apology to women, and for his apology to Rep. Sandlin for stealing his joke without attribution.

Neither will we hold our breath waiting for Hoge to wake up, see himself for what he is, and realize that his lawsuit is doomed by his own actions. When a person acts like a pig, it is not libel to say he’s acting like a pig. There was no conspiracy to force Hoge to steal someone else’s inappropriate, sexist, racist joke and attribute it to himself.

Keep diggin’ that hole, Hoggy. I’m thinking it might be a fun way to kill some time to find other examples of your plagiarism.

h/t Will Ferguson