Do ‘Kimberlin Unmasked’ and Patrick Grady Know @WJJHoge Considers Them Cowards?

Turds of a Feather Cower Together.


William John Joseph Hoge III had a full-blown fit of senile dementia today when he called me a “coward” for something over which I had no control.

I have said time and time again that this website is not my property. I have been invited to write for it as a volunteer, receiving no money for the time and effort involved, nor am I asking for any. Any decisions about the hosting of this website are made by other people, and no, I do not know their names.

Still, the hypocritical plagiarist had to bitch.

The walking suppositories who serve as Hoggy’s readers were outraged as well.

Being called a coward by someone hiding behind an anonymous account. Rich.

Damn. I’ve been searching high and low… mostly low… for a post where Hoggy calls Patrick Grady a coward for moving his Thinking Man’s Zombie blog to the Bahamas.

Or, for when his little cockroach pal Kimberlin Unmasked moved HIS server offshore.

Can’t seem to find them. I wonder why that is.

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