Not ever letting it be said that we never present both sides of a story, we introduce our new website: “Breitbit News.”

Every story has two sides. The truth and the untruth. Now, Breitbart Unmasked will present the truth, while Breitbit News presents the Alternative Truth, more commonly known as “the lie.”

What’s more, we have a nifty little podcast to summarize the week’s fake news, so you never miss out on a cockamamie wingnut conspiracy falsehood.

Check it out.

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Retired from his position as a writer/editor at the National Institutes of Health, Bill Schmalfeldt saw the willingness of a cadre of right wing idiots to destroy the life of an ex-con who had re-entered public life having served his time. He spoke out against this pack of hyenas and paid for it with false attacks on his own reputation and filthy, foul and profane mockery surrounding the death of his wife in 2015. Unbroken, Bill continues to write for Breitbart Unmasked and his private blog,