Seeing a lot of arglebargle on Twitter from people I respect who seem to think they are making some sort of grand statement by refusing to watch Donald Trump’s speech before a Joint Session of Congress tonight.

Can we all take a deep breath and grow up?

I fail to see how anyone benefits from not watching. I mean, if you really don’t want to watch that’s cool and all that. But if you would have watched President Obama, you need to come down off your high horses and watch Trump, as painful as it may seem.

Are you going to take someone else’s word for what he says and does tonight?

If you think he will cry because of poor ratings, which Donald Trump have you been reading about? He will lie about the ratings, so if you think you are scoring points by not watching you are only fooling yourself.

Anybody who is in the business of helping readers form opinions about this woebegone administration is guilty of professional malpractice if they refuse to watch Trump’s speech.

Democracy can be an ugly business. But we have to keep our hands on the wheel and steer into the foul, fetid wind if for no other reason than it’s important to know what the hell you are talking about when you criticize.

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Retired from his position as a writer/editor at the National Institutes of Health, Bill Schmalfeldt saw the willingness of a cadre of right wing idiots to destroy the life of an ex-con who had re-entered public life having served his time. He spoke out against this pack of hyenas and paid for it with false attacks on his own reputation and filthy, foul and profane mockery surrounding the death of his wife in 2015. Unbroken, Bill continues to write for Breitbart Unmasked and his private blog,