You know what? Kellyanne Conway is getting just plain sick and tired of you whiners and your whining which leads to protests by protesters. Why can’t you all just be grateful for the blessings Donald Trump has dumped into a steaming pile of goodness right into your laps?

The Easter Egg Roll at the White House, today. Kellyanne thinks Americans should stop what they’re doing and give THANKS to the Trumps for this wonderful rolling of eggs that has been going on for 139 years.

Shareblue reports:

CONWAY: I think First Lady Miche—Melania Trump and her staff did an amazing job, her team did an amazing job here this year. Following the tradition of other first ladies, she picked four pastel colors and a golden egg. They worked really hard to make this happen today, Ainsley.

EARHARDT: It’s absolutely spectacular.

CONWAY: And I’m told this is the 139th anniversary of the Egg Roll, sort of the longest continuous tradition at the White House, and it’s a day where we don’t think of politics. We think of the children who are involved. We think of the veterans and military families who are being honored here as being invitees. And obviously our amazing First Lady Melania Trump and President Trump will be participating today, and we should thank them. America should thank them for putting on such a beautiful event.

EARHARDT: Absolutely. Could we meet your family?

So thank him with many thanks of thankful thankfulness.

(If he thinks we like him, maybe he won’t start a nuclear war!)

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